Eagle Scouts

"Since Arthur Eldred became the first Eagle Scout in 1912, the rank has represented a milestone of accomplishment—perhaps without equal—that is recognized across the country and even the world. Men who have earned the Eagle Scout rank count it among their most treasured possessions. 'Eagle Scout' is not just an award; it is a state of being. Those who earned it as boys continue to earn it every day as men. That is why an Eagle Scout IS an Eagle Scout—not was." Source: Guide to Advancement 2017

Bill Boyle

Eagle Board Chair


Eagle Boards Schedule

(for Program Year 2018-2019)

Proposals due for August – July 18

August Boards of Review – August 1

Proposals due for September – August 22

September Boards of Review – September 5

Proposals due for October – September 19

October Boards of Review – October 3

Proposals due for November – October 24

November Boards of Review – November 7

Proposals due for December – November 21

December Boards of Review – December 5

Proposals due for January – December 26

January Boards of Review – January 9

Proposals due for February – January 23

February Boards of Review – February 6

Proposals due for March – February 20

March Boards of Review – March 6

Proposals due for April – March 20

April Boards of Review – April 3

Proposals due for May – April 17

May Boards of Review – May 1

Getting Started

Welcome Life Scouts! Your Eagle Scout Service Project is your moment to shine—to demonstrate the leadership and planning skills you have developed throughout Scouting.

Planning is a major part of the Eagle Project process! Give yourself at least six months to focus on planning, developing, and carrying out your Project.

The Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook will be your primary tool for helping you plan and develop your Project. Make sure you are using the latest (No. 512-927, Jan 2019) edition PDF.

Submitting Your Proposal

All new Project proposals must be submitted to the Eagle Board Chair at least two weeks in advance of the upcoming month's Boards. Please plan accordingly.

Project proposals must include—

  • the entire Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook with completed Proposal section
  • a scan/photo of Proposal Page E with four signatures—the Candidate, Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Chair, and the Beneficiary.

The workbook must be typed and submitted in PDF format. All signatures must be together on one page. Additional documentation may be provided (drawings, photographs, maps, etc.) to help the Board members fully understand your Project, and may be requested if not provided.

Scouts, please "Be Prepared" and have your documents in order before you submit your Proposal.

As an example, this is what your signed page E should look like!

When submitting your documents, please CC your Scoutmaster on your email.

Once your documents have been received and everything is in order, you will be added to the Board Schedule.

After your Project Review Board

Once your Project has been approved, you may begin working on it. You are strongly encouraged to use the Workbook to help you continue planning and developing your Project.

Letters of Recommendation

Upon approval of your Project, you will received five envelopes. These contain letters requesting a Letter of Recommendation on your behalf. Mail or hand-deliver them to the five references you have listed on your Eagle Scout Rank Application (No. 512-728, Jan 2019).

My Project is Done. Now What?

Once your Project is done, it's time to complete your Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.

This needs to be submitted to the Eagle Board Chair as soon as possible after your project is completed, and will be kept on file until you are ready for your Eagle Board of Review.

Final Project Reports must include—

  • your completed Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (Proposal, Plan and Report)
  • a scan/photo of the signed Project Report Page C with three signatures on one page— the Candidate, Scoutmaster and the Beneficiary.

As an example, this is what your signed page C should look like!

Eagle Boards Location

(for Program Year 2018-2019)

Imagine Chancellor Charter School

3333 High Ridge Rd

Boynton Beach, FL 33426

(for Summer 2018 — June, July, August)

Faith United Methodist Church

6340 W. Boynton Beach Blvd

Boynton Beach, FL 33437

Example Signed Proposal Page E

As soon as you have finished all the remaining rank requirements, complete your Eagle Scout Rank Application. Be sure to obtain the necessary signatures from your Troop, make four copies for your records, and submit the original to the Council office.

Once your Eagle Scout Rank Application has been verified by Council and received by the Eagle Board Chair, you will be contacted to schedule your Board of Review.