To all adult volunteers of the Everglades District.

As you know we have had some changes in leadership to the District Committee, which has left additional vacancies.

I have been given the assignment by our District Chairman to help fill ...those vacancies, as well as, recruit more volunteers to work on the District Committee.

First up in this recruitment effort will be to identify candidates for the Advancement Chair position, as well as, Advancement Committee members. The following link contains District Committee job descriptions as produced by the national office of the BSA (publication 34739).

If you are interested in either becoming the Chairperson or a member of this committee please contact me (Mike Perkins) at

Please enter in the reference line “Advancement Committee”. It is my goal to recruit a minimum of 3 individuals to sit on this committee. It is my objective to fill these positions as soon as possible. The District Chairman will make the final selections.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from all of you who are interested in volunteering your time to such an important committee.

Michael Perkin


Every unit should have a trained Unit Commissioner and as of now we have some units who need one, or we have Unit Commissioners who have several units and we’d like to spread the units around to make the duties manageable.

    • Who is the perfect candidate? A leader or parent that is crossing over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.
    • What does a unit commissioner do? A commissioner plays several roles, including friend, representative, unit "doctor," teacher, and counselor. A Unit Commissioner is simply a “Friend of the Unit” - one who is there to help the units follow the Scouting standards, helping the units achieve the highest possible JTE ranking, and basically provide that connection between unit and district. Read more about Commissioners Services on
    • We’re looking for anyone to help out such as scouting parents, Webelos parents with scouts crossing over and extra time on their hands, or leaders who have a free evening they can spare to attend a unit meeting. Anyone who wants to help is welcome to join one of the most rewarding scouting positions. This is the one scouting position that is truly one hour a week. That one hour can benefit every scout in the unit immensely.
    • If you are interested, please contact Evan Reif to get more details or to ask questions. Evan Reif 561.906.2192

These are not direct quotes from the district K3, this is simply my (Kimberly Schoolcraft, Technology Chair / Web Admin) observation from the meeting discussions.



At this time unfortunately the council can’t issue Certificates of Insurance (COI's) for the City of Boca Raton due to differences in policies and procedures between them and BSA National.

Please note this does not affect the issuance of COI’s to other towns, cities, or county venues (parks, etc). However, any units planning a function in the near future that is scheduled at a City of Boca Raton property or facility that needs a COI, should make alternate arrangements until this issue is resolved.