Roundtable News & Events

What is District Roundtable?

Roundtable is exactly what it implies - it really is an opportunity for scouters as a group to have an opportunity for an equal exchange of ideas. Boy Scout and Cub Scout leaders and interested parties meet together to discuss relevant issues in our troops and packs today.

When and where is Roundtable?

It is every 2nd Monday of the month. August-May. It is at Chancellor Charter School. 3333 High Ridge Road, Boynton Beach.

There is a great deal of Adult and Scout Networking at the meetings along with sharing ideas.

At the opening- important announcements are shared followed by Adult Unit break-out sessions led

by your District Roundtable Commissioners. Need information on an up-coming event? Your District

Chairs have Display boards with flyers and Save the Dates for your Unit planning needs.

Our break-out sessions allow our Unit Adults an opportunity

to pick up new hands-on training while sharing their ideas

and feedback. This is a perfect opportunity to collect helpful

information to ensure your Unit program is successful.

Everglades District Roundtable's vision is to provide training for all existing and new Adult Leaders, share important

Council and District Information, and to provide a great venue for our Units to network with other Adults and Scouts.

We are looking for great volunteers for Roundtable!

If you are interesting in helping that 'One Hour Per Week' please contact Susie Metzler at

Roundtable Re-branded

Your Roundtable Commissioners have been working hard this summer to re-brand our Everglades RoundTable sessions. Our vision is to bring more hands on training to our Adult Leaders in our District in order to promote success in all our Unit programs.

Our RoundTable team is changing the format for this upcoming year. After our OA Flag opening, we will do quick announcements (Key 3 Important council announcements and Events coming up in the next 2 months). Our District Trainer will be spot-lighting the Leader Knot of the month with forms available for your Units. Return the Leader Forms to the District Trainer and / or District Executive. All forms must be accompanied by the Position Training certificate for the knot they are applying for.

Cub Scouts Break-outs will now be by RANK- (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelso and Cub Master) to provide guidance and hands on ideas to support den activities and events. Committee Chairs will join Pack Trainers in our Training Break-outs to gather Unit ideas for (Training, SNFS, Budgets and Calendars, How to log in, and much more...)

Boy Scout Break-outs will include Demonstrations and hands on related to growing your Units.

** A big Change is a new Bead award system- but you have to show up to the break-out sessions to earn the special Award!

If there is a special request, suggestion or topic you would like to see in this new year, please email Susie Metzler, District & RoundTable Commissioner, at:

All District Chairs will have Display boards available to ensure you have the latest council and district event flyers and Save the Dates!

As always, please visit our Everglades District website and Gulf Stream Council calendar for a quick review of active events.

Thank you for all you do in Scouting! You are all very much Appreciated! We look forward to a successful year in Scouting!

2018 - 2019 Round Table Themes