District Volunteers
If you are interested in a volunteer chair position contact Peter Thate: peter.thate@scouting.org If you want to have a say in what is happening in your district and help your district achieve it's goals, but not sure about holding a chair position then you can become a Member at Large. District meetings are held every 3rd Monday of the month at Chancellor Charter School in Boynton Beach (3333 High Ridge Road between Gateway & Hyplouxo).
  • (K3) Indicates the top three "Key" people who help decide / vote on district issues or if you have any issues or questions.
NOTE: This list is updated regularly as the positions and chairs change.
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PositionNameEmailContact Number
PositionNameEmailContact Number
1. District Chair (K3) Hugo Nunez  hugo.nunez.hn@gmail.com 561.901.2147 
2. District Executive (K3)  Peter Thate peter.thate@scouting.org 410.812.8989 
3. District Commissioner (K3) Susie Metzler smetzleregdistrict@gmail.com 561.252.3471 
Activities Chair Karen Helstrom thelstrom@aol.com 561.214.4800 
Advancement Chair Tom Sasser tomsasser@hotmail.com 561.281.5611 
Camp Card Chair  POSITION OPEN - CONTACT Peter Thate  peter.thate@scouting.org  561.694.8585 
Camping Chair Kristen Hanson hansonk74@comcast.net  561.951.7002 
Communications / ADC POSITION OPEN - CONTACT Peter Thate peter.thate@scouting.org 561.694.8585 
Eagle Board Chair Fred Danaher FDanaherBSA@gmail.com 561.309.9605 
Family FOS Chair POSITION OPEN - CONTACT Peter Thate  peter.thate@scouting.org  561.694.8585 
Finance Chair POSITION OPEN - CONTACT Peter Thate peter.thate@scouting.org 561.694.8585  
Health & Safety Chair POSITION OPEN - CONTACT Peter Thate peter.thate@scouting.org 561.694.8585 
Member at Large - District Awards Christianne Yentz 4cyentz@gmail.com 561.482.8440 
Member at Large - JOTA Bruce Ratoff brr817-bsa@yahoo.com 561.866.3184 
Member at Large - Scouting 4 Food Chair Karen Helstrom thelstrom@aol.com  561.255.0890 
Member at Large - Website Chair / Technology Kimberly "Kimi" Schoolcraft everglades.district@gmail.com 561.601.0502 
Membership Chair POSITION OPEN - CONTACT Peter Thate mailto:peter.thate@scouting.org 410.812.8989 
Nominating Chair POSITION OPEN - CONTACT Peter Thate peter.thate@scouting.org 561.694.8585 
Pinewood Derby Chair John Quarquesso  johnQtv@aol.com 954-415-0576 
Popcorn Chair Kimberly Schoolcraft everglades.district@gmail.com 561.602.0502 
Programs Chair Joanne Moniger jj2dbc@comcast.net 561.797.2500 
Religious Emblems Coordinator (REC) Debbie McCabe debramccabe@bellsouth.net 561.329.6894 
Roundtable Commissioner  Susie Metzler smetzleregdistrict@gmail.com 561.252.3471 
Roundtable Commissioner - Boy Scout Bruce Ratoff brr817-bsa@yahoo.com 561.862.8198 
Roundtable Commissioner - Cub Scouts Sam Wilfond  swilfond@comcast.net 561.239.6688 
Roundtable Commissioner - Venture Crew Christina Johnson C.John137@aol.com 561.602.1126 
Training Chair  POSITION OPEN - CONTACT Peter Thate  peter.thate@scouting.org 410.812.8989 
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