Commissioners List
Commissioners are district and council leaders who help Scout units succeed. They coach and consult with adult leaders of Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews. Commissioners help maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America. 

Susie Metzler, District Commissioner

Retention Mission Statement
The retention mission of the commissioner corps is best achieved by providing an adequate number of trained unit commissioners who provide a link to district committee resources in support of a quality unit program.

Roles the Commissioner Plays
A commissioner plays several roles, including friend, representative, unit "doctor," teacher, and counselor.
  • The commissioner is a friend of the unit.
  • The commissioner is a representative.
  • The commissioner is a unit "doctor.
  • The commissioner is a teacher.
  • The commissioner is a counselor.

Unit Worksheets attached at bottom of page

Unit commissioners will focus on the following four primary areas:
  • Supporting unit growth in the Journey to Excellence criteria: JTE measures performance characteristics that unlock the door to a successful unit. We should analyze the unit's program and identify JTE areas where help is needed to move the unit to a higher level of JTE success.
  • Linking district committee resources to the unit: We should support the district committee's delivery of a "catalog of services" to support the specific JTE elements needed for a particular unit's health and success.
  • Visiting units and logging the visits into the Unit Visit Tracking System (UVTS): Our core task remains visiting the unit. UVTS input feeds critical information to the district committee to help link resources to the unit.
  • Supporting on-time charter renewal: The commissioner's focus is the retention of the unit, though we should be especially mindful of supporting new youth membership efforts as we move more toward a volunteer-led, professionally guided approach to increasing membership.
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Unit #Commissioner NameEmail
Unit #Commissioner NameEmail
Crew 2110 David Mantor 
Crew 2125 Open  
Crew 2215 Christina Johnson 
Crew 2220 David Mantor 
Crew 2296 Open  
Crew 2308 Tom Chewning 
Crew 2333 Open  
Crew 2356 Open  
Crew 2360 David Freeburn 
Pack 100 Balfour Adams 
Pack 110 David Mantor 
Pack 125 Open  
Pack 165 Open  
Pack 197 Susie Metzler 
Pack 207 Open  
Pack 208 Debbie McCabe 
Pack 211 Ken Harris 
Pack 212 Susie Metzler 
Pack 220 David Mantor 
Pack 224 Sam Wilfond 
Pack 228 Esteban Aravena 
Pack 233 Open  
Pack 241 Susie Metzler 
Pack 243 Sam Wilfond 
Pack 274 Scott Moore 
Pack 296 Mike Schoolcraft 
Pack 301 Open  
Pack 305 Esteban Aravena 
Pack 306 OPEN  
Pack 308 Tom Chewning 
Pack 309 OPEN  
Pack 311 Tom Chewning 
Pack 315 Donna Henderson 
Pack 318 Bruce Ratoff 
Pack 321 Esteban Aravena 
Pack 323 Open  
Pack 324 Open  
Pack 326 Susie Metzler 
Pack 333 David Freeburn 
Pack 334 Christianne Yentz 
Pack 335 Christianne Yentz 
Pack 337 Donna Henderson 
Pack 353 David Freeburn 
Pack 365 Bruce Ratoff 
Team 6110 David Mantor 
Team 6220 David Mantor 
Troop 104 Esteban Aravena 
Troop 110 David Mantor 
Troop 115 Open  
Troop 120 Open  
Troop 125 Open  
Troop 160 Open  
Troop 204 Open  
Troop 208 Debbie McCabe 
Troop 215 Open  
Troop 220 David Mantor 
Troop 222 Open  
Troop 241 Keith Buttry 
Troop 296 Open  
Troop 301 Tom Chewning 
Troop 304 Open  
Troop 305 Esteban Aravena 
Troop 306 David Freeburn 
Troop 308 Tom Chewning 
Troop 315 Donna Henderson 
Troop 321 Esteban Aravena 
Troop 323 Open  
Troop 325 Open  
Troop 326 Open  
Troop 327 Balfour Abrams 
Troop 333 David Freeburn 
Troop 336 Open  
Troop 337 Ray Lynch 
Troop 356 Open  
Troop 395 Open  
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Sep 24, 2014, 5:32 PM
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Amanda Seigler,
Feb 7, 2014, 5:27 PM